Saturday, October 30, 2010

"The Penderwicks"

Enter Arundel, an estate where the four Penderwick sisters are staying for three weeks. There is pretty and practical Rosalind, smart and sarcastic Skye, dreamy and bookwormish  Jane, and Batty: the shy one with the butterfly wings. The Penderwicks is a newer book with an old-fashioned feel.  I love it, and give it 5 stars out of 5!
It all begins with their normal cottage they rent for the Summer being taken.  What will they do?  They hear of another one available and decide to go there.  This is definitely no ordinary vacation, though.  The girls meet Jeffrey, the boy living in the mansion in front of their quaint and tiny lodge, and instantly know that the Summer will be an unforgettable one.   They find themselves in many adventures in the days that follow, and even find out some secrets about the past of Jeffrey's family.  One thing they must watch out for though : Mrs. Tifton... Jeffrey's strict  mother (and her boyfriend, Dexter, too).
Jeffrey isn't the only friend they meet at Arundel, however. There is Cagney , the teenage gardner (who Rosalind befriends, and copies every detail for her next letter to her friend, Anna.), Churchie: The Arundel cook, Harry the Tomato Guy, and of course, Yaz and Carla (Cagney's rabbits.)

Since discovering this magnificently written book a couple years ago, I just read it for what was probably the fourth time, in addition to reading the sequel (which I don't remember that much.) It is certainly an "Instant Classic."
Let me put it this way: If you have not yet read this National Book Award winning book by Jeanne Birdsall, you should. It is one of those books you just pick up and read for hours. It only takes up to maybe 2 or 3 weeks to read (Again, considering the youngest readers here!), and is 262 pages.

Natalia :-)

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