Tuesday, November 2, 2010

"Eight Cousins" By Louisa May Alcott

I have a confession to make. I love "Boring Books". You know, classics written in the 1800's? The ones with no monsters, lava, crashes or vampires? The ones that unfortunately sit in the back of the library looking for bookworms like me to read them?

Well, "Eight Cousins" is a bit like that. Everyone probably knows this author for her heartfelt masterpiece, "Little Women". Although "Eight Cousins" may not be as well known, it should be.

Our main character is Rose, a thirteen year old girl, who was recently orphaned. She is sent to live on Aunt Hill, a place where her six aunts (all having their own ideas on bringing up children) live. She is soon overwhelmed by the chaos - that is, until her Uncle Alec shows up. He thinks the pills the aunts give her do nothing for the unhealthy body, and soon prescribes his own "medicine". Fresh air, light and adventure. The horrified aunts give him one year with Rose to see how much her health improves after his experiment. Rose learns to love the man, as if he was her own father. Meanwhile, she shares all her wonderful adventures with Phoebe, the maid; and her seven male cousins she has just met. She does not like boys, but soon finds them to be the perfect companions. There is Archie, their leader; Charlie, his chum; Mac "The Worm", Jamie, the baby; Steve "The Dandy", and the "Brats".... Will and Geordie, two very mischievous boys.

This book is one of my favorites. It definitely wouldn't take over a month to read, maybe around a couple weeks. Medium length chapters, and a simple and fun plot make for a very enjoyable. I think everyone over the age of eight should read this at some point.
I give it 4 stars out of 5!

Natalia :-)

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  1. Cool Natalia! I have a copy that i need to read. I have to get on that! I can`t wait to see you! Love~ Skylar