Sunday, November 7, 2010

"George Muller: The Guardian of Bristol's Orphans"

"George Muller: The Guardian of Bristol's Orphans" by Janet and Geoffe Benge is a book about none other than... George Muller.
The year is 1821, and a sixteen year old boy is sitting in prison on Christmas day for going to a fancy inn, and leaving without paying.  George is waiting for someone to come and break him out of there, and for the time being it's his father. But George needs someone else in his life to break him out of other situations. Within the next few years, George is saved, and does all he can to be a light for God.
Fifteen years after his Christmas in prison,  George is sitting at the table to eat a Christmas feast with his wife, his partner and 60 orphans.
If I had to pick one word to sum this book up, I would think about it and choose: Inspiring.  Here is a bit of a summary:
The Mullers decide to start an orphanage right in their own community, and pray. Hardly having enough money to feed their own family, they continue to trust God for all their needs. George's simple idea soon becomes a reality to over 10,000 orphans in the years to come. They never fail to pray to God, and never go a night without a meal, without heat, and without a child to look up to them. This book is amazing. I was looking for a book to pick up and read the other day, and chose this one. I remembered this book from reading it in Kindergarten, and I also remembered the impact it left on me. I could hardly stop reading it, and finished it very quickly. It has 205 pages and 17 chapters. Even if you don't read this certain well written book in the "Christian Heroes: Then and Now" series,  I would encourage you to read another miraculous book in the series. They have everyone from Gladys Alward to C.S. Lewis.
But if you do decide to read this one.... good for you! It is a wonderful book, and I hope you will enjoy it as much as I do. I give it 5 stars out of 5, and I think it is appropriate for everyone.

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