Thursday, December 9, 2010

"Very Charleston"

I told my mom a while ago, "They should make more school books with pictures like we read when we were little. Pictures of what the houses, clothes, cars and furniture would have looked like in a certain era, in a certain town. 
"Very Charleston"by Diana Hollingsworth Gessler  did that with its watercolor illustrations, it's informative (and sometimes humorous) captions, and its maps scattered throughout the book. I loved this book! It takes you through the streets of Charleston, SC. within its 6 chapters. It's divided into
1) South of Broad
3) Charleston Harbor
4) North of Calhoun
5) Mt. Pleasant and the Islands
6) The Lowcountry
It also has an appendix, acknowledgements, and an index. This book is a must read for everyone. If you already love the South, you will love this, and if you aren't as much of a Southern person.... it will make you one. It gives you plenty of information without completely giving you a headache. The way the author has the book set up makes it very enjoyable, and "Very Charleston". It has 145 pages (without counting the appendix, acknowledgements, and index - then it's 159), and is appropriate for any age, although ages 8 and up would probably get the most out of it. I give it 5 stars! Here is a small sample (sorry, it's the best one I could find!) and the one on the left is another work of art by the author.

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