Tuesday, November 23, 2010

"Across Five Aprils"

"Across Five Aprils" is another book taking place during the Civil War. It is by Irene Hunt, and is for all ages.  The Newberry Honor book taking place in Illinois is about Jethro Creighton, a young boy; and his family.  It is very informative, and is great for anyone studying the 1860's.  The characters all feel so real, and you find yourself reading page after page, waiting to see what will happen. It has 12 chapters, but all of them are on the longer side. It has 212 pages, and I hate to say this young readers, but it (or at least my copy) does not have any pictures.  Jethro endures many things during the five Aprils the book takes place, and many of them involve sad news. But there is also joy, a letter from the president, and good news regarding his older sister Jenny, and her boyfriend (also the previous school teacher), Shadrach Yale.  I give this book 5 stars, because it was touching, well written, and one of the "Gems". I would recommend it to anyone, boy or girl. It is a wonderful book, and I have a feeling that I will read it many times in the years to come. It is a very inspiring book, and worth a read.
Natalia :)

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