Saturday, November 13, 2010

"Turn Homeward, Hannalee"

"Turn Homeward, Hannalee" By Patricia Beatty is a book about a part of the Civil War not as well known.
Hannalee Reed and her family have always worked at the mill in Roswell, Georgia. Their father died a few years before, and Davey, their older brother is at home for a few days... before leaving to go back to the Confederate Army. One day, Hannalee and her younger brother, Jem are taken away from Roswell by Yankee soldiers, and forced to work at a mill in the north, but this time, it's blue cloth they're making. Before they leave, Hannalee promises to "turn homeward", and come back to her pregnant mother as soon as she can. She leaves with the persimmon seed button given to her by her mother as a reminder to come home, the clothes on her back, and Jem. She gets separated from Jem, and Davey's fiance, Rosellen , and is left all alone. But she is brave, and does whatever she can to keep everyone together. She masquerades as a boy, witnesses a battle, and finds out heartbreaking news about Davey.  Certain parts of this books are a bit predictable. Other parts are actually surprising. This book is very sweet, and I love how the importance of family is stressed. This book was very good, but it may only get four stars, and maybe even 3 1/2. Overall, this book (approved for all ages, by the way) tells of the journey of one girl as she finds her way back home. At the end of the 208 page book, there is an Author's Note. I can recommend this to anyone looking for a Civll War easy read.


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